111 Bullets Presents ‘Daddy1- Bro Gad Mixtape’

Directly from the 6ix camp, Daddy1 is one of the most promising talents of the Dancehall. In this mixtape you can find all his hits like ‘Anthem’, ‘Out There’, ‘Next Level’, ‘Custom’ and many others. 6ix is real.


Daddy1 – Out There

Daddy1 – Our Globe

Daddy1 – Air Force

Daddy1 – Next Level

Daddy1 – Custom

Daddy1 – Anthem

Daddy1 – Miss Indipendent

Daddy1 & Chronic Law – 6ix Badness

Daddy1 – 220

Daddy1 – Main Danger

Daddy1 – Alien Brain

Daddy1 – High Standard

Daddy1 – Side Problem

Daddy1 – Underrated

Daddy1 & Mad Daa6 – Suh We Roll

Daddy1 – 6ix Braff

Daddy1 – We Happy

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