Dexta Daps releases three track EP ‘Free Me’

Dexta Daps released a short three track project on Monday titled ‘Free Me’, which features three brand new tracks from the artist, ‘Pleasure’, ‘Gwaan’ and ‘Doh Lie’ with production from DASECA records, Jus Di Vybz and UIM Records.

Dexta Daps did not heavily promote this project, only mentioning the possibility of a release on Friday and announcing the release date the following day.

As for the project, Daps comes with his traditionally sexually charged lyrics and slow jams, which we have come to expect from him. ‘Pleasure’ is a real standout track on the project, really displaying Daps’ ability to hold a melody, but also his lyrical ability and ability to build a memorable and catchy hook. ‘Doh Lie’ stands out as a strongly lyrical effort from Daps’ as he is calling out to an ex lover and her love of ‘the big ting’, again ‘Doh Lie’ is built around a strong catchy hook, which really demonstrates Daps’ ability as a songwriter.,

This project is definitely worth checking out and gives a brilliant insight into Dexta Daps’ abilities as in artist, displaying some impressive melodies and giving another look into an often overlooked feature of modern Jamaican music, lyricism.

Check out Dexta Daps’ project below


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