‘Inna Real Life’ Riddim

Mr Chumps- ‘Wrong Turn’ 

Mr Chumps gives everyone advice on this track telling everyone to stay on their path and to not take any wrong turns and to not get drawn off your path by things that don’t concern you.

Nesbeth- ‘Island Boy’ 

On ‘Island Boy’, Nesbeth reflects on all the success he has had as a humble ‘Island Boy’, he also remembers the tougher times and doubt he has faced along the way.

QQ- ‘Bad Blood’ 

QQ takes aim at the people with bad blood in them, people that doubt him and try to stand in his way, people that don’t care what you do for them and just want to see you fall down. QQ says in response the only thing that you can do is try to rise to the top.

Sol Weatherman- ‘Inna Life’ 

Sol Weatherman comes with the title track on this riddim, with his track originally being released back in May. This is another inspirational effort on this riddim, with Sol Weatherman focusing on sticking to his goals and not listening to his haters and doubters. Even describing the necessity to have three eyes to make sure you can see the actions of those around you.



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