Nesbeth- ‘Remove My Enemies’- Video

Nesbeth releases the official video for the incredible ‘Remove My Enemies’ which featured on his debut album ‘A.m.e.n’  which was released last month. 

‘Remove My Enemies’ focuses on reflecting on the relationships in your life and looking at the reasons that people stay around, as many of those that stay close to us remain close for negative reasons, whether that be money, success or fame.

Nesbeth looks to reflect on those relationships, as he reflects on who would be removed from his life if he asked God to take away all of his enemies. With Nesbeth seeing that in many cases this could be the people that closest to us, maybe those that don’t want to see us succeed, or those that want to see us succeed for the wrong reasons. This is an incredibly powerful track on an incredibly powerful album from Nesbeth, as he has created both a relate-able and thought provoking track. 

Nesbeth sticks to a quite simplistic yet powerful video for the track. Really letting the song itself do the talking, which is especially important on a self reflective track like ‘Remove My Enemies’ as it really allows you to think about yourself and your relationships opposed to focusing on an elaborate video. Nesbeth has made the video in such a way that he almost seems to be speaking to each one of us individually. 


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