Jahmiel- ‘We Feel The Pain’

Jahmiel releases new single ‘ We Feel The Pain’ accompanied by an emotional video, which shows the suffering that is happening around the world. 

Jahmiel addresses the issues around the world on this track looking to change the system and expand people’s minds to what is happening around them. Looking at the suffering of poor people around the world and the issues within the system that are causing them to feel pain.

This is an extremely conscious song from Jahmiel who is deeply reflecting on the issues that he sees in the world around us on this track. This is a very refreshing song from Jahmiel who is combating and talking about a lot of issues that are rarely touched on by mainstream musicians, on a track that really makes you think about what is happening around you. Jahmiel is really make a stand for what he believes in and is sounding really good whilst he is doing it. 

The video itself sees Jahmiel with a noose around his neck, covered in wounds standing in front of the camera, whilst videos of suffering come on and off screen. This is a really powerful and emotional video from Jahmiel, as he really makes us think about what is happening in the world. 


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