Elephant Man- ‘Grinch’

Elephant Man isn’t quite in the cheerful Christmas spirit on ‘Grinch’ as he prepares for war. He guarantees this track will play “Christmas to Christmas” as he appears to be aiming for a certain deejay on this track. 

With Elephant Man dropping the line “war dem kick it arff, and when it start dem nah have the heart” it appears that this could be a response to Beenie Man’s ‘Leave It’ as Elephant Man seems  to have declared war on Beenie Man following his diss on ‘Our Grung’  with Elephant Man seeing ready to send him to the “morgue” on a track that will last from “Christmas to Christmas”.

This again like Beenie Man’s “Leave It” does not directly reference the beef, but it would appear from the lyrics dropped by Elephant Man that Beenie Man is the target of this track, but Elephant Man unlike on ‘Nah Talk’ does not reference anything that can be directly related to back to Beenie Man. 


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