Shenseea- ‘Tie Me Up’- Video

Shenseea explores her alternative sexual side on ‘Tie Me Up’ as she reveals some of her fantasies on the explicit track. 

Shenseea looks incredible as she drops the video for the explicit ‘Tie Me Up’ , unsurprisingly given the title of the track Shenseea starts the video tied up on a bed ready to live out her sexual fantasies. Soon after, her would be partner walks in and prepares to get down to business, unfortunately before even getting close to Shenseea her has a a little accident which leaves him presumably unconscious (talk about bad luck) as he does not appear for the rest of the video. The rest of the video entirely focuses on Shenseea as she describes her fantasies even further. 

This is yet another incredible track from Shenseea as she details her sexual fantasies very openly and descriptively, if you don’t like x-rated dancehall, stay away, this track is definitely not for you. 


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