Mr Lexx- ‘Siddung’- Video

‘Siddung’, relax and watch Mr Lexx’s latest video for the incredible track ‘Siddung’ off the ‘Bella Bella’ riddim. 

‘Siddung’ was one of the hottest tracks on the streets of Jamaica, towards the end of summer this year, with plenty of viral videos featuring Mr Lexx’s road smash hit. Mr Lexx comes with his signature raspy voice on ‘Siddung’ which helped to establish him as one of the standout talents towards the end of the 90s. ‘Siddung’ uses the same formula that Mr Lexx saw success with one tracks like ‘Ring Mi Cellie’ and ‘Cook’, he has built a track around a really catchy and infectious hook, which means that the track will stay in your head along time after your first listen. 

The video features some incredible dancing, as Mr Lexx hops from buses to bars to leading a horse, with a dancer even deciding to ‘siddung’ in an actual saddle and buss a whine. 

‘Siddung’ and check out Mr Lexx’s video for his street smash ‘Siddung’ below. 


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