Jahvillani x Chyn Chilla- ‘Christmas Gift’

Jahvillani and Chyn Chilla are exchanging ‘Christmas Gift(s)’ on their latest track, but don’t think they are talking about Xboxs and Playstations on this track, they are talking about other types of gifts. 

As Christmas is fast approaching it is only right that we start to hear some Christmas dancehall tracks. Although often very comical these tracks show how dancehall artists can make songs about literally anything showing their great lyrical skill but also their dedication to the craft of song writing.

Besides, most of these tracks are a lot better than anything you are going to hear on a tradition Christmas playlist. 

‘Christmas Gift’ from Jahvillani and Chyn Chilla like many Christmas dancehall tracks looks at some rather explicit presents that perhaps shouldn’t be opened in front of the children at Christmas.

Jahvillani opens the track dedicating the track to the “pum pum” that Chyn Chilla has provided as  his “Christmas Gift”, with Chyn Chilla coming onto the track discussing her skills in the bedroom as she describes exactly what she can do with Jahvillani’s ‘Christmas Gift’. Jahvillani and Chyn Chilla seem like they are definitely enjoying the Christmas gifts they are receiving from each other. 

Check out Jahvillani and Chyn Chilla’s gift exchange below 


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