Fully Bad- ‘Evil So Til’

Fully Bad proves that he is ‘Evil So Til’ on his latest single as he links up with Corporashawn Music Club. 

Fully Bad has built a reputation for himself as one of the top upcoming artists over the last year with tracks like ‘Hard Life’, ‘Suh Di Ghetto Run’ and ‘Worst Nightmare’. Fully Had also had social media going crazy following his appearance on stage with Govana and Aidonia last week dropping a wicked freestyle on the ‘Big Baller’ Riddim, having the crowd and Aidonia going crazy. 

Fully Bad’s latest track ‘Evil So Til’ continues to build his reputation as the realest badman in dancehall. ‘Evil So Til’ is full of gun talk as Fully Bad warns anyone that wants to come against the deejay. Anyone that wants to talk bad about him better be ready to face the fire power of Fully Bad and his “hollow tip bullets”. Coming against Fully Bad is a bad idea and you will definitely pay the consequences. He is “sick inna mi head” and will stop at nothing to make a point to his haters. 


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