I Waata- ‘FiTT’

I Waata makes sure everything is ‘FiTT’ on his latest single, you have to fit into I Waata’s scheme, no badmind around here just those that are feeling I Waata’s vibe and keeping it positive. 

I Waata is in some prestige company on his riddim being the only artist apart from Ding Dong to drop a record on the ‘Mayweather’ riddim, but then again I Waata is no regular artist. Having the hit record ‘Thick Thick’ already in his catalogue, I Waata clearly knows how to make records that connect with his audience. 

‘FiTT’ sees I Waata laying down the credentials for those in his circle, you can’t be badmind, you have to appreciate that I Waata has worked for his success. With purple skunk in his chalice and girls flying in from Paris being in I Waata’s circle clearly has it’s advantages, so it would be advisable to follow the rules that I Waata lays down. 

Check out how to ‘FiTT’ into I Waata’s circle below


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