Introducing- Jay Blacks

Jay Blacks, is an aspiring deejay out of Portmore that is looking to grow his career using both his songwriting and on stage performance abilities.

Jay Blacks, who was born Ricardo Campbell was born in the Gregory Park Community in Portmore, St Catherine.

At the age of 12 he discovered that he had a talent for composing music and creating his own riddims and beats. Jay Blacks quickly became obsessed with trying to create his own music and develop his own sound.

Jay Blacks soon began performing, originally under the names Rickitiky or City Man, later changing his name to Jay Blacks. Jay Blacks quickly catch the eye of many prominent figures in the local music industry and was called to produce his first record ‘Broad Out’.

‘Broad Out’ received strong support from Suncity and World Hype radio, and Jay Blacks even went on to have an interview with TVJ Smile Jamaica.

Following the release of ‘Broad Out’ and his introduction to the music industry Jay Blacks has continued to produce music, releasing singles like ‘One Day’ featuring King Bicycle and ‘Pony Tail’.

Jay Blacks is currently working on the follow up to ‘Pony Tail’ with Blazing Records. He also has a hot single which is about to be released called ‘Hyce It Up’ which features Milly Millz.


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