Quada- ‘Virgin Mary’

Quada is ready to make someone’s mother beg for her son’s life like ‘Virgin Mary’ on his latest single, as he looks to take some serious action against his opponents.

Quada is strapped up and ready to hits the battlefield on ‘Virgin Mary’, he isn’t intimidated by his opponents, but they should certainly be intimidated by Quada and the Unruly Camp, as he is ready to take some serious actions when he pulls up with his rifle. Quada knows the opposition’s “trigger finger lazy” and he is about to prove it as he pulls up with his AR-15. Quada’s opposition simply aren’t as bad as Quada and the Unruly thugs and Quada knows it and is making a point on this track.

Quada’s versatility is something that should really be noted following his releases in 2018. Quada has been able to show the dancehall scene a variety of different looks throughout 2018, whether that be on a inspirational track like ‘Reflex’ or ‘Celebration’, a gyallis anthem on ‘One And A Million’ or a slow jam like ‘So Right’. Quada has been able to release some incredible music in 2018 and show the incredible level of talent in the Unruly Camp. Quada is definitely an artist to watch in 2019, as his work in 2018 shows that he could definitely be heading towards the upper levels of dancehall.


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