AceGawd- ‘Mark X & Axio’- Video

AceGawd drops the video for the street anthem ‘Mark X & Axio ‘ and they are looking incredible.

AceGawd who featured previously on our website as one of our Introducing artists, drops the video for the underground street anthem ‘Mark X & Axio’ and looking at the video it doesn’t seem like this track is going to remain an underground anthem for much longer, this track is about to explode.

With AceGawd stunting in his best designer wear, featuring his finest Burberry and Gucci, the hypest kid inna di dancehall looks like a certified star in this video. Obviously AceGawd had to bring in the Mark X and the Axio for the video shoot, accompanying them with some very attractive women which we are sure many people wouldn’t mind doing the activities discussed in the track with.

With a video that looks like it’s straight from one of the best video production teams in the US rap scene, AceGawd is looking set to explode with ‘Mark X & Axio’ in 2019.


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