Deejay Of The Year- Govana

2018 was a phenomenal year for dancehall and deejays, with some incredible newcomers, some amazing artists making impressive comebacks and some veterans showing that they still have the formula to success. All of these factors added together made it very difficult to choose one deejay for Deejay of The Year.

2018’s Deejay of The Year is… Govana

If you first heard of him as Govana or if you first heard of him as Deablo there has never been any doubt that he was very talented dating back to his days as part of J.O.P, but in 2018 Govana made the whole world acknowledge that talent.

Govana was a man on a mission in 2018, as he did not rest up in making sure his name remained at the top of dancehall. Coming into 2018 having already released a smash hit in November with ‘Breeze’ definitely helped Govana going into 2018, as well as his incredible 2017 release ‘Gyal Thief’.

Govana did not rest trying to maintain this momentum in 2018, as he kept dropping banger after banger, coming with ‘Bake Bean’, ‘One And Move’, ‘Champ’, ‘Shrimp Patty’, ‘Hombre’ and ‘Flavours’, not for a moment in 2018 was Govana out of the top deejays discussion. He even had enough time to fit in a collaboration with Spanish reggae-ton star Bad Gyal on ‘Open The Door’.


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