Fully Bad- ‘From The Ghetto’- Video

Fully Bad drops his first single of 2019 with ‘From The Ghetto’, with Fully Bad reflecting on his origins in the ghetto and his aspirations to make it out.

Fulyl Bad looks back on his rise ‘From The Ghetto’ remembering all those that said he would never make and those that doubted his talent, Fully Bad reflects on his commitment to music and where it has gotten him.

His life decisions growing up in the ghetto as also of major importance as he reflects on his decision to stay away from the badman lifestyle, deciding to steer clear of the guns and crime. Fully Bad’s ultimate aim is to life a lavish lifestyle, taking care of his whole family and making sure that they are all enjoying life, with Fully Bad relaxing with his “money tall like trees”.

Reflect on Fully Bad’s journey ‘From The Ghetto’ on his latest single below.


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