Ding Dong ft. Popeye Caution ‘Good Ting Dem’

Ding Dong will only be ever seen with the ‘Good Ting Dem’, whether that’s clothes, cars or jewellery it will always be the ‘Good Ting Dem’.

Ding Ding is only ever stepping with the ‘Good Ting Dem’ alongside Popeye Caution. Ding Ding is making sure he is stepping out in the finest brands whether that be Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton or Balenciaga , Ding Dong is celebrating success as he steps out as the hottest thing of the road.

Ding Dong is making money from his success and making sure that he spends it on the finest things.

Make sure you step out in the ‘Good Ting Dem’ with Ding Dong and Popeye Caution below.


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