‘Aidia’ Riddim Prod. Leaf Of Life Productions

I Wayne- ‘Death Game’

I Wayne looks to keep everyone on the path of righteous and get them to stop playing the ‘Death Game’ and trying to fit into the evil system. I Wayne wants to see people reaching a higher level of consciousness on the path of righteous that will move them away from the evil system.

Mykal Rose- ‘Shine On You’

Mykal Rose wants blessings from Ethiopia to shine on everyone on the Aidia Riddim. He wants people to acknowledge the important things in life and stand up for what they believe in. He wants love and freedom to come from everyone.

Turbulence & Zamunda – ‘Energy

Turbluence and Zamunda are staying clear of anyone with negative ‘Energy’ they can easily see when people are being negative and they aer going to stay as far away from those people as possible.

Ikaya – ‘Heart Nuh Clean’

If your ‘Heart Nuh Clean’ you can’t come near Ikaya, she is staying clear of anyone that is going to come near her with negative energy, she is only looking to surround herself with positive vibes and clean hear people.


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