Introducing- D’Judge

Introducing D’Judge a new upcoming dancehall artiste from Kingston.

D’Judge born Carey Lewis, was born in Kingston and grew up in the Common Community on Red Hills Road in Kingston.

He attended Kingston College before getting expelled in 4th Form. Following this incident D’Judge turned to residing on the streets, which is where he career in music began.

Despite having a relatively short career in music so far, D’Judge has been able to collaborate with some of the hottest artistes in Jamaica, collaborating with Squash on his recent single ‘Let’s Go’. Alongside these big name collaborations D’Squash has also been able to release some extremely popular solo work with tracks like ‘Gun Thief’ and ‘Terrorist Friend’.

D’Judge is currently working on an EP titled ‘Until Death Call Ma Name’. The title of which really highlights the lane that D’Judge is aiming for with his music, with his sights being set on hardcore dancehall.

Recently D’Judge’s success has taken him to St Maartin to perform as well as having him line up amongst names like Popcaan and Jafrass at Eastern Extravaganza.

2019 is going to be a big year for D’Judge, expect a lot more new music and new videos from this incredible emerging talent in dancehall.


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