Richie Stephens- ‘Leggo’- Video

Richie Stephens gives some advice to all of the women that are starting to get fed up of the men they are with, just ‘Leggo’.

It’s time to ‘Leggo’ and try something new, Richie Stephens tells all the girls that are in relationships they are no longer enjoying themselves. Richie suggests that during this process they might want to try what Richie Stephens is offering, he guarantees that it will be something that is a lot different to what they are used to. Richie Stephens is going to spice up your relationship and add something a little something different than you are used to with your man.

Richie Stephens does this over a Latin infused dancehall instrumental, showing off his Spanish skills on the lead track from his EP ‘All The Way To The Top’ which is produced by Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden and Diwali Records.

Just ‘Leggo’ and see what Richie Stephens is offering below.


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