Introducing- Zizi

Introducing Zizi, an upcoming dancehall artiste from Kingston.

Zizi born Hosiah Sterling on the 23rd of November 1993 to Isiah Sterling and Barbara McIntosh, was born and raised in Central Kingston, in the area known as Spanglaz or Manhattan.

He attended the All Saint Infant School, North Street Primary and later went to St. Ann’s Bay High School.

Growing up in his community there was and still are not enough opportunities for young people, most of the youths in his area to Zizi’s admission “are uneducated, jobless or just living on the streets”.

Seeing this in his community, Zizi decided that he wanted to make it out of the ghetto, to find a better life for himself and his family. From around 11 Zizi recalls making riddim with his friends, they would beat a desk or board to make riddims and they would all take turns deejaying.

At age 16 Zizi took to the studio but didn’t have enough money to mix the songs he had recorded, Zizi has a lot of good songs that he has recorded but believes he needed more help at the time to push him to the forefront of dancehall.

For a lot of people Zizi’s early experience would have deterred them from pursuing music further. However, Zizi did not give up on his dreams, he continued to write songs, record new music when he had the opportunity and continued to share his music with his friends and family.

Zizi’s aim is to make it into the mainstream and international market. His aims are not just limited to music, he wants to put himself into a positions to help the less fortunate, those like him that did not have the opportunity to showcase their talent.


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