‘Made In Jamaica’ Riddim Prod. DJ Frass

Alkaline- ‘Never Lose Hope’

Alkaline drops an inspirational anthem with ‘Never Lose Hope’, it’s time to keep pressing and looking forward no matter what obstacles are in your way, keep going and make sure that you reach your goals and ‘Never Lose Hope’.

I-Octane- ‘Can’t Get Over’

I Octane ‘Can’t Get Over’ any of the things that his lover is doing. Her touch, her kiss, her love, I Octane is deep into his feelings over this girl. I Octane has loved this girl from the start and he ‘Can’t Get Over’ how strong his feelings for this girl.

Alaine- ‘Better Life’

Alaine is looking for a ‘Better Life’, she is raising glass, looking back on the past and forwards to future, she is looking for a ‘Better Life’ and wants to reach that with the people that surround her, she has a firm foundation and she wants to reach her ‘Better Life’. She is going to keep moving in the right direction in the search for a ‘Better Life’.

J-Boog- ‘Love Like This’

J Boog has never felt a ‘Love Like This’, he has been missing his lover and now he is about to show her what she has been missing. J Boog is about to give her a love that she has never had before, J Boog’s lover has never had a ‘Love Like This’.

Chris Martin – ‘Sweet Khalessi’

Chris Martin has found his ‘Sweet Khalessi’, he wants to hold her tight, sing to her and make her feel loved. Chris Martin wants to love her up, as his ‘Sweet Khalessi’ “broken my chains” and “put fire in my bones”. Chris Martin wants to make his ‘Sweet Khalessi’ his queen and dedicates this track to his new found queen.

Richie Spice- ‘THC’

Richie Spice drops the ultimate ode to the ganja plant on ‘THC’. Richie Spice can feel the hi-grade ganja going through his system and he is showing his appreciation of the THC and the hi-grade ganja on this riddim. Richie Spice
knows the demand of ganja worldwide and wants to teach the world about this plant, it’s medicinal purposes and his love for ganja.

D Major- ‘Guarantee’

D Major gives a lifetime ‘Guarantee’ on this riddim, he guarantees to be there for his lover for the whole of his life, she is the reason he is happy and he wants her to know on this track. D Major is going to give every drop of his love to his lover, he has never felt this way about anyone and wants her to know on ‘Guarantee’.

Prince Levy- ‘Love You Mama’

Prince Levy shows his appreciation for his mama on ‘Love You Mama’, Prince Levy thanks his mama for everything she has done throughout his life, thanking her for all her support and guidance throughout his life. Prince Levy looks back on how he and his mama used to struggle and how she provided for him. Prince Levy show his total appreciation for his mama on this riddim.


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