‘Limited Edition’ Riddim Prod. E Mudio Records

Mavado- ‘Gyalis For Life’

Mavado comes with a gyalis anthem on ‘Gyalis For Life’, he’s been a gyalis for the whole of his life, so he knows exactly what he is doing, he knows not to sleep with a gyal more than once. He has girls that have been wanting him for the whole of their lives.

Jahmiel- ‘Karma’

Jahmiel tells us all of the importance of ‘Karma’, as he looks at how far he has come and looks at the people that have hated his success. Jahmiel has worked hard and knows that he has had ‘Karma’ on his side.

Christopher Martin – ‘Schwepps Up’

The ting Schwepps with Christopher Martin, as he shows off the rewards of success, you know how Christopher Martin is living, the ‘Schwepps Up’, his lifestyle is “sexy” and he wants you to know how on this track.

Shenseea – ‘Hype & Bruk’

Shenseea isn’t ever going to depend on a man, she is never going to be ‘Hype & Bruk’ like some of the girls that she sees. Shenseea is not being told what to do by any man, she has her own money, her own savings and her own success, she doesn’t need a man to depend on.

Teejay – ‘Me And You’

Teejay displays his incredible vocals on the romantic ‘Me And You’ as he drops an explicit love song for his special someone as they plan to “f**k till the grey turn blue”. Teejay and this certain girl are going to have a good time together tonight.

Deizzle – ‘Top A Di Line’

Deizzle is not “preeing” anyone as he knows that he going to be at the “Top A Di Line” he doesn’t need to look at the actions of other people, he knows he going to be at the top and doesn’t need to focus on his haters or try and copy anyone else’s style.

I-Octane – ‘Swagga Like Mine’

No one has swagger like I Octane on ‘Swagga Like Mine’ as soon as he steps in all focus goes towards him. I Octane is wearing his finest brands and his finest fragrances, the moral of the story is no one can compete with I Octane’s swagger.

Zj liquid – ‘Jet Blue’

Zj Liquid is staying high like ‘Jet Blue’, he’s keeping his high grade by his side, he’s so high he is reasoning with stars and clouds and he wants to make sure he stays this way.

Flexxx & Flirty – ‘Non Stop’

Flexxx and Flirty are going to whine ‘Non Stop’ all night, they are going to take it from the dance to the bedroom and continue going in the morning. Flexxx and Flirty are going to keep this going ‘Non Stop’.

Bramma – Delilah

Bramma is getting gyal easy on Delilah, as soon as he loses one girl, he gets another. Bramma is showing off his gyalis lifestyle on ‘Delilah’

Singing Sweet – ‘Motivator’

All the haters and badmind people are Singing Sweet’s ‘Motivator’ they keep him going as he wants to prove them wrong, as they eagerly await his failure, Singing Sweet is going to succeed.

Kibaki – ‘Still Can’t Get Me Out’

They want to see Kibaki out of the game but they ‘Still Can’t Get Me Out’ they want to see Kibaki’s nine night but he isn’t going to let them get him out. He is going to continue to fight the hardest battle and make sure they “Can’t Get Me Out”.


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