Marlon Samuels ft. Glen Ricks – ‘How Can I Forget’- Video

Marlon Samuels links up with Glen Ricks on the emotional ‘How Can I Forget’ as he delivers an melodic tribute to his loved ones.

Marlon Samuels show some incredible versatility away from the cricket field on ‘How Can I Forget’ as he pays tributes to his loved ones, as he shows love for him mother and father and family on this emotional track, as he displays his impressive vocal talent. Giving thanks for the food, the support and the love his parents gave him, Marlon Samuels asks himself ‘How Can I Forget’ all of the sacrifices his parents made. He also pays tribute to his mother’s best friend Vivian in the track, as he recalls all of the support he has received throughout his life.

Give thanks for all the things that your loved ones have given you with ‘How Can I Forget’ Below.


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