‘Believers’ Riddim Prod. Multi-Talented Music

Charly Black & Munga – ‘Downfall’

Keeping fighting against the ‘Downfall’ with Charly Black and Munga, although the haters and paigons might be wishing for their ‘Downfall’ Charly Black and Munga are going to keep succeeding.

Deep Jahi – ‘Mannequin’

Deep Jahi is questioning those around him on ‘Mannequin’, he has so many enemies he can’t tell when people are being fake or not, he can’t tell whether someone is a true friend or a ‘Mannequin’.

Shakespear D-Dondadda – ‘I Believe’

Shakespear D Dondadda believes that everyone can achieve success on ‘I Believe’, everyone can come out of the struggle and find success. He looks at the suffering he has seen in his own life and reflects on how that has motivated him to achieve.

Shudly – ‘Rocky Road’

Travelling on the ‘Rocky Road’ can be hard, but Shudly is here to motivate you through it. It’s time to stay out of trouble and focus on your goals with Shudly on the ‘Believers’ Riddim.

Chezidek – ‘Nothing Over Me’

They have ‘Nothing Over’ Chezidek on the ‘Believers’ Riddim, Jah has blessed his life, he’s living a happy life and he won’t let the negative vibes and negative people effect him.

Buck 1 – ‘Rise We A Rise’

It’s time for every youth to rise on ‘Rise We A Rise’ with Buck 1. Get ready to make your mother proud as you find success, it’s time to rise up and succeed.

Naveesh – ‘Speak When Spoken’

Naveesh is keeping himself to himself, he only speaking when he’s spoken too, he isn’t going to try to make himself the certain of attention, he is going to stay to himself and find his own success.


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