Interview- Kash

2018 will definitely go down in the history of dancehall, as the year of new emerging artistes, with new young artistes dominating the year, with big singles coming from young artistes from across the whole of Jamaica.

One of the most notable of those talents that emerged in 2018 was Kash. Kash came into dancehall showing, first and foremost his incredible versatility, as he was able to demonstrate not only an amazing ability to make hot songs to play in the dancehall, but also an incredible ability to make songs that would resonate with and inspire the youth. With his incredible vocals being focal point of his skill set in many of the songs he has released thus far in his career.

Looking at his performance in 2018, we could sense a big year was coming for Kash in 2019. So we made it a priority to interview him and discuss his emergence in dancehall, as well as his aims in 2019.

Kash grew up in “New Haven in Kingston 20“. He sees himself as an artiste that has an ability to exist beyond the boundaries of dancehall, summarising his skill set as “I do reggae, dancehall, afrobeats, and RnB“.

Music and dancing were always a big part” of Kash’s life growing up, with his early influences including “Justin Bieber, Vybz Kartel and Alkaline“, with ‘”Justin Bieber’s ability to use the internet to create exposure” inspiring Kash to release a series of covers on YouTube.

Professional recording for Kash “started in 2016“, but really took off with the release of ‘OH Lord’ in 2018 with this being, as Kash says “my first experience of releasing a standout song“. With Kash saying that the success of the single (the video for which currently has over 270,000 views on YouTube) has given him an “overwhelming feeling“.

Another big moment for Kash in 2018 was featuring alongside names like Shenseea, Ding Dong and Teejay, on the outstanding ‘Braff’ Riddim which birthed some of the hottest tracks of the end of 2018. Kash was a part of the riddim due to his place “inna di camp” with his track ‘Mek Wi Party’ showing yet another side to his versatility.

Kash summarises himself as first and foremost a “promising artiste” that’s “hard working, never sleeps and focused” with his “versatility” being something that he has actively tried to show.

Looking towards 2019, Kash sees this year as his chance to “create big moves” as he plans to “drop a lot of hit songs, that people will really gravitate to“. He is also currently considering releasing an EP, with his main aim in terms of exposure being to “reach the ears of the people all over the world“, he wants to be able to “bring in money to help his friends and family” and show to that people like him “can use their talent and make a better life for themselves“.


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