Introducing- Genista

Genista, was born Okimo Cameron son the 18th of March 1994. Growing up he was one of six children, his parents found it hard to fully afford to send him to school. This lead to Genista to take to hustling on the streets to try to make his own way.

Genista’s journey in music started when he was playing around with an old computer and a mixing programme, until he started creating his own beats that he could sing and deejay on.

Genista sees himself almost as a certain entity to Okimo, as he sees Genista as his special ability to use music to reach the people and lift himself and his family out of poverty.

Genista sees himself as a quiet, loving, honest and humble individual, who is very studious in his approach to the music industry.

His parents are his biggest inspiration, in terms of music he looks up to other artistes such as Bob Marley, Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Tifa, Spice and Mavado.

Genista is currently managed by Temple Swing Records, under this team he has managed to released singles like ‘Some More Love, ‘Action’, ‘Family First’, ‘Longest River’ featuring Red Cherry; which are all produced by Temple Swing Records.

The overall goal for Genista is making his parents proud by being the best he can in music. He aims to be one of the great dancehall and reggae icons, not only in performing, but also producing.


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