‘Kanta’ Riddim Prod. Yellow Moon Records

D’Angel – ‘Mind Yuh Business’

D’Angle tells a certain someone to ‘Mind Yuh Business’ telling them to keep to themselves and let her do her own thing. D’Angel hasn’t called them out, so she doesn’t see why she is getting hate.

Macka Diamond – ‘My Best Friend’

Macka Diamond is her own best friend, she can’t just her friends, she can’t trust her enemies, so she has to trust herself and rely on herself.

Beenie Man feat. Jus Chris – ‘One King’

There is ‘One King’ of the dancehall and that is course Beenie Man and he shows us exactly why that is so on this track with Jus Chris.

Lisa Hyper – ‘Cute With It’

Lisa Hyper is cute with the badness, unlike some gyal, Lisa Hyper knows how to be authentically bad but also to keep ‘Cute With It’. Lisa Hype is used to this lifestyle and will continue to be ‘Cute With It’.

Sajay – ‘No Use’

There are some people that there is simply ‘No Use’ for and as Sajay explains they might as well be “dead inna coffin” because they are no use to Sajay.


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