‘Lonely Road’ Riddim Prod. Seanizzle Records

Busy Signal- ‘Love Me Down’

Busy Signal is reminiscing on ‘Love Me Down’ he is remembering all the time when his special girl would love him down. From his younger days sneaking into her mother’s house to her days staying by his side when he was struggling. Busy Signal appreciates every time she would ‘Love Me Down’ and he wants her to know that on this track.

Bugle- ‘Dollar Mean Nothing’

‘Dollar Mean Nothing’ to Bugle, it doesn’t matter is he has money, he just needs the almighty in his life. He doesn’t want to focus on hustling to the money, he wants to focus on developing his relationship with God.

ZJ Liquid- ‘Poor People A Feel It’

ZJ Liquid reflects of the suffering that the poor people feel in Jamaica, as he focuses on the struggles in the ghetto, whilst also calling the government to action. ZJ Liquid drops a heartfelt anthem for the ghetto youth with ‘Poor People A Feel It’.

Nadg- ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’

You ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ is Nadg’s motto on this track, Nadg has been overcoming the obstacles and now he has started to gain some momentum there is no stopping him now.

Topmann- ‘Lonely Road’

It’s a ‘Lonely Road’ with Topmann, but don’t give up, because the journey will be worth it. It’s time to race to success with Topmann and overcome all of the obstacles on the ‘Lonely Road’.

Alexx A Game- ‘Real To Di Link’

Alexx A Game is staying to ‘Real To Di Link’ unlike many of the people around him. Alexx A Game is calling out those that are only going to stay around when their friends are having success and are quick to disappear when the success stops. Alexx A Game is going to stay ‘Real To Di Link’.


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