‘Conquest Paradise’ Riddim Prod. Damage Musiq

Tommy Lee Sparta- ‘Blessings’

It’s time to give thanks for the ‘Blessings’ with the hottest song in Jamaica right now, as Tommy Lee breaks down everything he is thankful for and what he has learnt throughout his journey. It’s time to give thanks for the ‘Blessings’ with Tommy Lee.

Chronic Law- ‘Bless Me’

It’s time to bless and protect yourself with Chronic Law on ‘Bless Me’. Chronic Law knows that he has to stay strapped up to protect himself, so he is asking the almighty to protect him and bless him.

Shane O- ‘Hold On’

Make sure to ‘Hold On’ with Shane O and keep working hard and pushing for success. It might be hard to stay motivated but you have to ‘Hold On’ and make sure that you don’t let go of your aims and ambitions.

Singer J- ‘Prayer’

Singer J is going to pray through the hard times and keep faith in God despite all of the obstacles and struggles he faces in life. Singer J is maintaining his faith and praying to the almighty to help him.

Shatta Wale- ‘Heavy Load’

Shatta Wale is carrying a ‘Heavy Load’ on the Conquest Paradise Riddim. Shatta Wale feels like he is all alone when he is struggling and trying to carry this heavy load, he is struggling to come to terms with some of the things that he is seeing around him; the death, the killings and the struggling, Shatta Wale is struggling to see past all of the negatives whilst he is trying to carry this ‘Heavy Load’ forward.

Tamo J- ‘Victory’

It’s ‘Victory’ time with Tamo J, the stars are starting to align and Tamo J can see success in sight, he is going to keep pushing until he makes history and gets the ‘Victory’ that he wants.

Gott Yo- ‘I Promise’

Gott Yo is promising that despite all of the obstacles that he is going to go against the pain he is suffering and continue to push for success. Gott Yo is making a promise to keep fighting to reach his goals.


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