‘Grimie Life’ Riddim Prod. Bad So Productions

Teejay- ‘When Mi Squeeze’

Teejay warns his opposition about ‘When Mi Squeeze’ on the ‘Grimie Life’ Riddim as he warns them before he squeezes the trigger.

Navino- ‘Kill Dem Neat’

Navino is going to make sure that he ‘Kill Dem Neat’ he is going to make sure that he gets to his opposition in the cleanest and most effective way possible.

Ryme Minista- ‘Run Dem Dung’

Ryme Minista is ready to ‘Run Dem Dung’ and make a duppy, he isn’t scared to do the dirty work himself on the ‘Grimie Life’ Riddim.

Jah Vinci- ‘Rich’

It’s a ‘Rich’ lifestyle with Jah Vinci as he hustles for the riches in gold, he knows that he is going to be ‘Rich’, he just needs to keep pushing and hustling to get there.

Raytid- ‘Road A Get Kuff’

Raytid is ready to take on the road and make sure the ‘Road A Get Quff’ on the ‘Grimie Life’ Riddim, whether he is on the road on his own or with his friends, Raytid is making sure the ‘Road A Get Quff’.

Scubby Krugaz- ‘Go Fi Dem’

Scubby Krugaz is to scared to ‘Go Fi Dem’ when he steps to his opposition, Scubby Krugaz is ready to pull up on the oppositions ends and ‘Go Fi Dem’.


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