‘Sport Mode’ Riddim Prod. Dane Raychords/K Swizz Productions

Dane Ray- ‘Hatrick G Nation’

Dane Ray jumps on his own riddim on ‘G Nation’ as he bigs up his excessive lifestyle in the ‘G Nation’, showing all the rewards of his success.

Chronic Law- ‘Sport Mode’

Chronic Law has the title track on this riddim as he prepares to shift it into ‘Sport Mode’ when he hits the roads with the AC turned up.

Munga Honorable- ‘Ambience’

It’s all about the ‘Ambience’ with Munga Honorable as he breaks down his own ‘Ambience’ and how it enables his gyallis lifestyle.

Dovey Magnum- ‘Cya Leave Me Alone’

Your man ‘Cya Leave Me Alone’ on Dovey Magnum’s track on the ‘Sport Mode’ Riddim as she makes taking away a girl’s man almost look like a sport.

Jrile- ‘Northside Upnorth’

Jrile is ready for the link up on the ‘Northside’ as he promises to show the girls his first class lifestyle on the ‘Northside’.

ZJ Liquid- ‘Epican’

ZJ Liquid is ready to hit the dispensary on ‘Epican’, he has his blem and rizzla ready all he needs now is some hi-grade.

Deizzle- ‘Greenlight’

Deizzle has the ‘Greenlight’ when he is on the streets, Deizzle is the top man and is not being refused by anyone.

Samboni- ‘Gold Luck’

Samboni has the ‘Gold Luck’ on the ‘Sport Mode’ riddim as he shows that he only lives for the finest things in life.


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