‘Kingston’ Riddim Prod. Chimney Records

Busy Signal- ‘What Is A Friend’

Busy Signal asks ‘What Is A Friend?’ on this Chimney Records riddim, as he questions what exactly a friend is in this world full of badmind people haters and manipulators.

Romain Virgo- ‘Progress’

Romain Virgo is going to make ‘Progress’ this year, money and success are his main aims and he isn’t stopping until he has achieved ‘Progress.

Prohgres- ‘Only God Can Tell’

You might be able to distract the people around you with the glitz and the glamour, but ‘Only God Can Tell’ when you are crying out for help on this track from Prohgres.

Christopher Martin- ‘Search All You Want’

You can ‘Search All You Want’ but you won’t find someone like Christopher Martin, you are not going to find someone that is going to love you like Christopher Martin.

Alaine- ‘Man Crush Everyday’

Alaine is dedicating this track to her ‘Man Crush Everyday’, the man that has her feeling some type of way everyday.

Bounty Killer- ‘Inseperable’

Bounty Killer isn’t going to let you try to separate him for his special lady, no matter how hard they try Bounty Killer and his queen are ‘Inseperable’.

Shenseea- ‘Heartless’

Don’t be selfish, you need to care for other people on Shenseea’s track ‘Heartless’ make sure that you take care of your friends and family. Think about the better uses for your money instead of being selfish and focusing on your self.

Zagga- ‘Argument Again’

Zagga is waking up to ‘Argument Again’ as it seems that he can’t do anything right as every time he wakes up an argument seems to start again.


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