‘St Andrew’ Riddim Prod. Chimney Records

Tarrus Riley- ‘Jamaican Proverbs’

It’s all about the ‘Jamaican Proverbs’ with Tarrus Riley, as he recalls the days that he would listen to the proverbs and lessons he learnt from his Grandmother and Grandfather.

Alaine- ‘You Give Me Hope’

When the world is driving Alaine crazy, Alaine tells her man ‘You Give Me Hope’ and he gives her the drive to keep going through the struggles.

Queen Ifrica- ‘To See’

Queen Ifrica breaks down what Jamaican men love ‘To See’ on this track, Queen Ifrica breaks down the negatives of their outlook and impact this has on the women of Jamaica.

Romain Virgo- ‘Melanin’

Romain Virgo tells everyone to be proud of their ‘Melanin’ as he is seems mesmerised by a certain ‘Melanin’ beauty.

Morgan Heritage- ‘We Don’t Want Dem’

‘We Don’t Want Dem’, we don’t want the haters, the badmind people and the fake friends around us on this Morgan Heritage track.

Tony Rebel- ‘Man A Big Man’

Tony Rebel is a big man, he isn’t looking to be somebodies sugar daddy, he is big man and that is something that a big man doesn’t do.

Jemere Morgan- ‘Proud’

Jemere Morgan is ‘Proud’ as he walks with a clean heart with clear ambition as he stays away from the negative vibes and stays ‘Proud’ of where he comes from.

Pressure Busspipe- ‘Work’

It’s all about ‘Work’ to achieve your goals with Pressure Busspipe keep pushing and putting in the ‘Work’.

Omari- ‘Mercy For My People’

Omari wants ‘Mercy For My People’ he wants people to realise that they need to love themselves and respect each other instead of continuing to kill each other.


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