‘Lifespan’ Riddim Prod. JR Bloodline

Munga Honorable- ‘Fiery’

It’s getting ‘Fiery’ between the Mad Ras and the gyaldem, as soon as Munga hits the road he seems to be driving the gyaldem crazy.

I Octane- ‘Pimpin’

It’s time to check the ‘Pimpin’ levels with I Octane as he prepares to take any gyal wherever he goes.

I Waata- ‘Chess Pass’

I Waata is making chess moves when it comes to moving to the gyaldem on ‘Chess Pass’. Everything I Waata is about to do is calculated and has it’s own strategy.

ZJ Liquid- ‘Watch Ova Mi’

ZJ Liquid asks the almighty to ‘Watch Ova Mi’ as he hits the roads, he knows the risks of life on the roads in Jamaica and wants Jah to ‘Watch Ova Mi’.

Bugle- ‘Celebration’

It’s time to celebrate success with Bugle on ‘Celebration’, where ever Bugle goes he knows its time to ‘Celebrate’, he knows that he has further to reach but for now it’s just ‘Celebration’ time.

Tifa- ‘Good’

Tifa is ready to take your man with her ‘Good’ skills, she doesn’t care whose man she is going to take, she is just out here enjoying life.

Tommy Lee Sparta- ‘Ravin’

It’s ‘Ravin’ time with Tommy Lee, it’s time to link up and drink up with Sparta and enjoy life.


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