Interview- Kananga

Last week we had the opportunity of having a conversation with Kananga; to discuss his career, recent releases, inspirations and his aims for 2019. Kananga looks set to continue to push his vibrant sound to a wider audience, burst into the spot light and show the world exactly what ‘The Congo Bongo’ has to offer.

Check out our discussion with Kananga below.

When did you first start your career in music?

Kananga- “I starting recording in 2001-2002, I have always put the work into my music from the beginning and I think that shows in my latest releases”

What artists and music really inspired you when you first started recording music?

Kananga- “Well I sing Reggae music, reggae music is what has really inspired me. It has put the mark on Kananga, the messages it delivers, the message of the youths suffering”

Who were some the artists in particular that inspired you at the beginning of your career?

Kananga- “Nuff inspiration, coming from St Mary local artistes, Cutty Ranks, Josey Wales, whole heap of stars. They have all had a little touch of influence on my career”.

What has been the biggest change for you since the beginning of your career?

Kananga- “The biggest change has been the experience I have gained performing wise”

In terms of the music industry as whole, how have you had to adapt since you started out in music in 2001?

Kananga- “There’s a bigger crowd to view your work, we never has social media before, never had internet access and email, it makes it easier to get your music out into the world”

“It’s been very good to see the change, people hear your songs and are now able to easily put a face to the music”

Where have been some of the places that you have seen support from that perhaps you wouldn’t have expected?

Kananga- “My music go allover, it has taken me to whole heap of places”

Looking forward to the rest of 2019 what are some of your big aims for this year?

Kananga- “Continue on the road, work harder and sharper to get ready to move on to different things”

Do you have any big projects that you are looking to release in 2019?

Kananga- “I am currently working on an album. I don’t want to rush it, it needs to be fully loaded, ready to explode, which will take time to build”

What would you say to people reading this to summarise you as an artist?

Kananga- “Kananga is an artiste that stays true to himself, I want to make music that represents me”


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