‘Reggae Bliss’ Riddim Prod. Poye ‘Buka’ Robinson

Queen Ifrica- ‘Colour of Rejection’

Join Queen Ifrica as she delivers a powerful statement on ‘Colour of Rejection’ as she reflects on the impact that black women have on society and their relentless desire to not settle for what is dictated to them.

Leon Smilez- ‘Our Love’s Amazing’

Get ready for the bold voice of young Leon Smilez on ‘Our Love’s Amazing’ as he delivers a captivating voicing which compliments the riddim perfectly as he describes how true love has mesmerised him.

Duane Stephenson- ‘Black Magic Woman’

It’s time to vent frustration on Duane Stephenson’s ‘Black Magic Women’, Symone has hurt David and what better way to overcome your issues then releasing a powerful voicing like ‘Black Magic Women’.

Junior Kelly- ‘Star’

It’s time to strive for greatness with Junior Kelly on the ‘Reggae Bliss’ Riddim as he releases ‘Star’. Junior Kelly knows that every ghetto youth is a ‘Star’ and he wants to make sure that they know that on this voicing.

Luciano- ‘Heal The World’

The Messenger delivers a powerful message as he wonders how we can ‘Heal The World’ on this inspirational voicing. It’s time to answer the big questions with Luciano on the ‘Reggae Bliss’ Riddim.

Richie Spice- ‘Question’

Richie Spice asks a big ‘Question’ on the ‘Reggae Bliss’ Riddim as he asks how our social decisions are going to effect our children.

Ginjah- ‘By Your Side’

Ginjah is never going to leave her side whether in ‘low tide or high tide’ Ginjah is going to stay loyal.

Lymie Murray- ‘Seasons of Love’

Lymie Murray is going to love his special lady on all seasons on his voicing on the ‘Reggae Bliss’ Riddim, ‘Seasons of Love’. Get ready for a special soulful voicing from Lymie Murray.

Symatic- ‘Found Love’

Symatic recalls how he ‘Found Love’ in high school, as he breaks down an emotional tale on his voicing on the ‘Reggae Bliss’ Riddim.

Iba Mahr- ‘The Message’

It’s all about consciousness as Iba Mahr delivers ‘The Message’ on the ‘Reggae Bliss’ Riddim. It’s time to reason with Iba Mahr on this voicing.


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