Interview- Razor B

Razor B has been behind some of the biggest dancehall singles internationally over the past few years with certified smash hits in ‘Hot Up’, ‘Up In Deh’ and ‘Bruk Back’, Razor B has seen performances across the globe and success in almost every imaginable dancehall market.

In this interview we wanted to get a glimpse into the man behind the hit records, as we aimed to break down everything from his origins, to his experiences of living in Canada, to the lessons he has learned in his career and we believe we achieved exactly that in this revealing exclusive interview with one of dancehall’s certified international hit makers.

What are your origins in dancehall and when did you first start recording?

Razor B- “I was born in Jamaica and left in my last year of high school when my family migrated to Canada. I first started writing and recording music in 2000 ”

Which artists had the biggest influence on your early career?

Razor B- “My biggest influences were Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Beres Hammond and Michael Jackson”.

Where did the name Razor B originally come from?

Razor B- “I didn’t have a stage name when I started to DJ in Toronto. My best friends were all DJs. My friend gave me the name because everyone used to say my vocals were sharp like a blade”

Being born in Jamaica and later moving to Canada, how did your experiences effect your career and your outlook on music?

Razor B- “I think living in Canada and travelling had a positive effect on my music and ability to write songs that resonate with a multitude of audiences.

When I decided to transition back to Jamaica, it was to focus on music. I had already built several businesses in Canada and felt comfortable both mentally and financially to really take time out and focus creatively.

Canada is a tough market! It was my training ground. When I got to Jamaica I was ready mentally, lyrically, spiritually and physically”

Obviously over the years you have released a series of big hits in dancehall, which single in particular would you say that the biggest effect on your career?

Razor B- “I would say Bruk Back has had the biggest impact on my career. I actually expected Up In Deh and Hot Up to be the bigger records but you can’t predict when music goes”

With these singles also being big hits internationally has there been countries that your music has reached that you didn’t expect it to travel to?

Razor B- “Yes, 2 actually, Chile and Colombia”

What has been the most important lesson that you have learned in your career?

Razor B- “The most important lesson I have learned in music and in life is not to do business with people who have nothing to lose.

And to surround myself with people who are focused and motivated. Positive energy breeds positive outcomes”


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