Interview- Jae Prynse

One of the first words that comes to mind when you think of Jae Prynse should definitely be inspirational, whether that’s his music or his journey. This interview shows exactly why, as Jae Prynse breaks down his path from Spanglers to being one of the most recognisable names in dancehall.

Jae Prynse has definitely learnt a lot on this journey and he shares a bit of that knowledge here at Destination Reggae n Dancehall.

Where do you originate from in Jamaica?

Jae Prynse: “Spanglers, Downtown Kingston”

How did growing up in Spanglers effect your music, has music always been a big part of your life?

Jae Prynse: “I started out in music at the very tender age of 12, my brother passed away at a young age that really motivated me. I began writing lyrics and decided to take up the banner and pursue music. It has been a rough and rocky road since but I’m glad that I kept pushing through”

After you decided to pursue music when did you first decide to record professionally?

Jae Prynse: “2013, I recorded my first single at HDX Studios and released my first single ‘Concrete Jungle” that did it’s thing on radio and TV in Jamaica”

When you first began recording who were some of the artists that really inspired you?

Jae Prynse: “I was always focused on prolific writers like JR Gong, Eminem, Michael Jackson, no specific genre, I just focused on people that couldn’t stop writing. My whole focus was on how to build myself and make myself into a different type of artist”

After the release of your first single ‘Concrete Jungle’ what would you say was your next career altering release?

Jae Prynse: “Try Harder in 2016 was a Frenz For Real production, it gave me real strength and put me on that next level”

So when you are actually recording music, how do you begin the process of creating a track?

Jae Prynse: “First thing when I listen to the riddim I listen to the first 2 strings, then right away try to think of two lyrics to put in”

How does your creative process change when you receive a juggling riddim opposed to a riddim that is more intended to be used as a single track?

Jae Prynse: “Sometimes the riddim tells you what to sing, the time and the moment. As for a juggling riddim it has the right vibe that I can write around”

A big part of your music is looking to inspire those coming from similar situations that you grew up in. What role does that inspiration play in your career?

Jae Prynse: “My main aim is to inspire a lot, everyone going to be eating, taking care of our families. Whether a youth is looking to succeed in music, football, cricket, tennis, I just want them to go for it, believe in themselves and give themselves a better platform””

What are some of the major lessons that you’ve learnt throughout your career?

Jae Prynse: “I’ve been through a lot since I started out in music, signing bad contracts, working with the wrong people, I’ve really focused on learning the business side of music. Trying to make better decisions, seeking legal advice, I’m trying to educate myself making sure there are no hold backs and that I take the right steps”.

What were some of the lessons that you learnt through the release of ‘Try Harder’?

Jae Prynse: “Try Harder really cemented what I knew I was going to do. Before ‘Try Harder’ if I wanted to get things done there was a lot of debating on figures and having to do things that I wouldn’t do now. I’m now in a situation where I can work with a lot people that I’ve always wanted to work with. A lot of people I needed to have on my side to have success, but now I don’t need them to be on my side to have success”

What were your aims coming in 2018 and what did you learn last year to bring into 2019?

Jae Prynse: “I had some singles that did really well, ‘Hard Work’ did well in the streets, ‘Ready’ appealed to the females and opened people’s ears and eyes to Jae Prynse, they didn’t expect me to come with this style.

There were also trials and errors, I’ve learnt more about feeding the market with music, exactly where and when to release music and how to push the music into the places it needs to go”

One of your biggest announcements so far this year has been the deal you signed with Defenders Entertainment what should we expect from this agreement?

Jae Prynse: “Expect new music, everyone is very happy so far, I’m just trying to add to the catalogue at the moment. It is a 2 EP agreement, so I’m really looking forward to the future”

What should we expect from your recent work with Defenders Entertainment?

Jae Prynse: “My first EP is going to be a 5 track EP. I am aiming more towards an international fan base with the EP, with 1 or 2 tracks being aimed towards that audience”

What are your aims for 2019?

Jae Prynse: “Firstly want to get the EP done and as with every year, my main aim is to pass where I was last year and keep growing”

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