Video Premiere- Omari Banks- ‘Half Full Or Half Empty’

‘Half Full Or Half Empty’ is the title of Omari Banks’ brand new uplifting single, it’s all about positivity, optimism and changing your perspective. It’s time to look at the world in a different light and embrace the people around you.

We thought as part of the premiere for Omari’s incredible video for ‘Half Full Or Half Empty’ it was only right to hear what the video means to him and ask a few questions about the ideas he presents in the video.

Omari, explain to us your path to releasing this video, what are some of the major points in your life that have built up to this release?

Omari Banks- ” Music was something that I was around my entire life, it was my family’s business, my dad was an artist. Seeing my dad working on music festivals, talents shows and performing, really inspired me.

As many of you will know cricket has also been a big part of my life. I decided to play cricket at 7-8 years old, but I was never far away from music, at that point it was secondary to music, it’s funny how it has now come back around”

What are some of your main drives and ambitions as an artist?

Omari Banks- “I want to express myself, tell my story and be seen as a unique artist”

Throughout the video you present a variety of different small stories, what is the importance of these small stories in this video?

Omari Banks- “It’s telling the story of two people with two different perspectives, they are in the same environment yet experience two different results”

What are some of your aims with this video and single?

Omari Banks- “I want to connect with a lot of different people. I want them to know that everyday is a blessing and I want them to keep pushing for growth”

Another big element of the video is the live performance aspect with various scenes dedicated to yourself and your live band, was this something that was important for you to represent in the video?

Omari Banks- “As someone that wrote and arranged the song, I really wanted to capture that element, the live dynamic, I really wanted to represent my heritage and show the importance of Caribbean culture”

What has the reception for ‘Half Full Or Half Empty’ been like so far?

Omari Banks- “It’s been getting great reviews. People love the lyrical element. I think it has a blues feel to it, that helps to bring that lyrical vibe, which has helped me be able to tell a story on the single”

What do you want people to learn from the single and the video?

Omari Banks- “I want people to be able to know and appreciate themselves, to know who you are as a person and to aim to grow towards being a better person. Life is a blessing, I want to challenge people to think positively and consider the overall outcome of their actions”

Check out the brand new video for Omari Banks’ stunning single ‘Half Full Or Half Empty’ below.


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