Interview- Avaran

Bahamian Reggae artist Avaran has had a varied career performing alongside the likes of Mykal Rose, collaborating with Luciano, Frankie Paul, John Holt and even providing backing vocals for the Crown Prince of Reggae Dennis Brown. With the release of his latest single Avaran looks to cement his own position in the industry, reintroducing himself to those familiar with his previous work and introducing himself to a whole new generation of Reggae fans that aren’t familiar with his music.

As Avaran sets out on this journey with his latest single ‘Wake Up’ we thought it was only right to have a discussion with him, to look back on his career so far and look forward to everything he has planned in 2019.

Coming from the Bahamas, what is the influence of Reggae on the island and how did it impact you when you were growing up?

Avaran: “The whole country is interested in Reggae. Bob Marley used to live in Nassau. So it’s always had a big following in the Bahamas”.

Was it difficult when you first started your career as an artist from the Bahamas was it difficult to access the traditional reggae fans?

Avaran: “I think doing Reggae music, you have to have some base in Jamaica, either by going to Jamaica or keeping a connection to Jamaica”

Who were some of your big influences when you began your career?

Avaran: “Garnett Silk, Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul, Mykal Rose. A few of which I have actually gone on to work with”

What insight into these artists did you get after you worked alongside them?

Avaran: “They worked so hard to establish what they had and they kept working to put out more good music”

Looking back on your career what have been some of the biggest changes that you’ve seen in the music industry?

Avaran: “The recording equipment, how music came out, from cassette tapes to CDs to streaming. Reggae has evolved and become better in a sense. You can get your music out to different places and know where your music is reaching”

Where are some of the places that you are surprised that your music has reached?

Avaran: “I have performed at shows across the world, some big shows in Europe. France has always treated me well, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, a lot of places across Europe”

Which songs have had the biggest impact on your career?

Avaran: “My biggest song came back in the early 1990s called ‘Church And State”. More recently with France based Ziongate Music with ‘Let Jah Be Praised”

How do you begin your creative process when you are recording a track?

Avaran: “When I was younger I would write a song straight after I’d get a riddim. Now I have to see if a riddim speaks to me, I’m very picky with the riddims that I will record on”.

So 2019 is so what a comeback year for Avaran, what have you been doing over the last couple of years?

Avaran: “I’ve been in Jamaica a lot, creating music. I’ve had quite a long hiatus and I’m starting to put my foot back in the industry”

Tell us a little bit about your most recent single ‘Wake Up’?

Avaran: “My new single ‘Wake Up’ is my reintroduction to a whole new generation. I am aiming to put out good music and reintroduce myself to my fans and introduce myself to the new generation of Reggae fans”


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