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AceGawd- ‘Keep On Going’- Video

AceGawd drops an inspirational anthem to begin 2019 with ‘Keep On Going’, as he aims to ‘Keep On Going’ despite all the obstacles and challenges that life might put in his way.

AceGawd exploded onto the scene with ‘Mark X & Axio’ in 2018, the video for which has over 250,000 views on his Vevo channel. AceGawd is ready to ‘Keep On Going’ in every way on his latest single.

AceGawd looks at the struggles he has faced to this point on ‘Keep On Going’ and how despite all of these challenges he has continued to aim for success. He might “stumble and fall” but he is going to ‘Keep On Going’ until he reaches his goals.

‘Keep On Going’ and reach your aims with AceGawd below.

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