Addi’s Earthstrong- Look Back On Vybz Kartel’s Success in His 42nd Year

Today marks Vybz Kartel’s 43rd birthday, at Destination Reggae N Dancehall we thought that it was only right to look back at the World Boss’ achievements over the last year as he heads into his 43rd year and reflect on how Addi has managed to stay on the top of dancehall for such a long time and continue to keep releasing incredible music.

Vybz Kartel’s 42nd year started in January 2018 with the release of ‘Make Up Sex’ on the Dunwell Productions produced ‘Clothes Off Riddim’. Vybz Kartel dedicated the track to his love of ‘Make Up Sex’ which in Addi’s opinion “is the best sex”. With the World Boss in typical fashion breaking down his prowess in the bedroom into the most explicit details.

The ‘Clothes Off’ Riddim itself featured Dexta Daps with ‘Weak To You’ (perhaps one of the biggest songs of 2018) and Jahmiel with ‘Tek It Off’. Vybz Kartel’s ‘Make Up Sex’ easily stood up amongst these two tracks, with the Dunwell Productions riddim being one of the standout riddims of the beginning of 2018.

Kartel quickly followed ‘Make Up Sex’ with the release of the official video for the Flintstones themed ‘Yabba Dabba Doo’, with the track originally surfacing in late December 2017.

Addi once again proved on ‘Yabba Dabba Doo’ that he is a lyrical master, how many artistes can make a track with a hook that features the line “who let the Flintstones out, Yabba Dabba Doo” a smash hit (nobody else, that’s the answer).

January wasn’t even finished before Vybz Kartel dropped his next track, once again featuring on one of the biggest riddims of the start of 2018 on the TJ Records produced ‘World Vibes Riddim’ with Kartel dropping ‘X (All Of Your Exes)’ on the riddim.

‘X’ sees Kartel telling the gyaldem to never worry about their exes again because Addi is here to look after them, it’s time to turn up and party with the Worldboss and forget all their previous relationship issues.

February saw the release of ‘Real Bad Gal’ which was produced by Dre Skull and Brooklyn based record label Mixpak, who had previously released Kartel’s album ‘Kingston Story’. ‘Real Bad Gal’ saw the Worldboss showing his love for all the real bad gals.

March saw no releases from the Gaza camp, with the singles he released in January and February still getting heavy rotation at soundsystems and radio stations across Jamaica.

Little did anyone know that he was gearing up to release perhaps one of the biggest tracks of 2018 in April.

‘Under Water’ crashed into the dancehall space in mid April with Kartel coming with a infectious track with a strong bassy riddim that had the dancehall space fixated (with Spice later releasing another smash hit ‘Under Fire’ on the same riddim). Addi had released one of the biggest tracks of 2018 in ‘Under Water’ as he once again proved that he is the master of what will we call the ‘hidden’ explicit track (a track that is strongly explicit, but does not come across as such until you understand the deeper meaning)

It was time to ‘Do It’ in May as Vybz Kartel continued to release hit records in his 42nd year.

Addi told everyone to just give into their urges and just ‘Do It’, especially when it comes to the gyaldem’s urges to get into the bedroom with the Teacha.

Less than a week later Kartel’s camp released the video for ‘Thank You Mama’.

‘Thank You Mama’ was released in November 2017, with Addi thanking his mother for all her support and love and promising to make her proud.

The Teacha quickly transitioned into the ‘Vybz Principal’ in June, with Kartel giving the gyaldem all the instructions they need to follow in order to impress him it was time for the gyaldem to “spin like a compass”, “show yuh fat fatty” and “tic toc”.

Kartel took another break in July, as the Gaza Nation prepared for the beginning of his prison sentence appeal (which is still ongoing).

Kartel’s legal team focused the appeal on questioning the credibility of the mobile phone evidence used in the case against him.

The video for ‘Real Bad Gal’ dropped in early August with Mixpak recording some incredible visuals in Jamaica for the track, featuring both views of the Jamaican countryside and some incredible dancing on the streets and beaches of Jamaica.

August also saw an important feature of Vybz Kartel’s 42nd year begin to appear. Promoting the newest crop artistes from Vybz Kartel Muzik, with Lolaa Smiles and Kartel’s track ‘Power of Love’ arriving in early August.

Addi took a quick break from promoting his new crop of artistes to drop TJ Records produced ‘She Say’ in September. But he was quickly back to promoting his artistes when he dropped ‘Ouchea’ with UK based Ili Sanchea in early October, with Addi and Ili opting for a dancehall rap fusion track to show off Ili’s UK rap roots.

More solo work followed from Addi with ‘Best Friend’ dropping in early October and ‘Pretty Potion’ dropping in early November.

‘Best Friend’ saw Kartel take away the title of man’s best friend from the dogs and giving it to his favourite part of a female’s anatomy; and ‘Pretty Potion’ saw Addi being drawn in by a certain girl’s style becoming hooked on her ‘Pretty Potion’.

Addi was back to promoting his latest crop of Gaza Nation artistes in mid November, dropping the videos for ‘Power Of Love’ and ‘Ouchea’ on consecutive days. Both videos were excellently produced and once again showed the incredible talent of the artistes that Kartel is currently working with.

‘Won’t Work’ quickly followed with Kartel ready to do his own work on the track, he doesn’t need a particularly skilled companion in the bedroom because his skills are enough for two.

Vybz Kartel ended another busy month in November with ‘Deso It Deh’, with the Worldboss describing his lifestyle on the Gaza chilling with his “batty gal side ah mi” and telling listeners to “Stop Read Shakespeare” because Addi is “di Poet”.

December started with Vybz Kartel featuring on perhaps the hottest song in dancehall right now, with the Worldboss featuring alongside Nicki Minaj on the remix to Stylo G’s ‘Touch Down’.

Addi was back to promoting his Gaza Nation artistes following the release of ‘Touch Down’ with ‘Backshot’ dropping two days later.

Vybz Kartel and Jodi Couture channelled their inner Spragga Benz and Lady Saw and dropped a 2018 version of the Spragga Benz classic ‘Backshot’.

The video for ‘Won’t Work’ followed a day later, with Shelly Belly having a starring role in the video. Unlike the girl that Kartel mentions on the track Shelly Belly was ready to do all the work in this video, even being literally covered in money, as he strolled through in his finest money suit.

Following the release of the video for ‘Won’t Work’ Addi was quickly back to promoting his up-and-coming talent, dropping ‘Addi Right Size’ with Lolaa Smiles towards the end of December, with Lolaa Smiles breaking down the most explicit parts of the Worldboss’ anatomy.

Vybz Kartel had to ‘Boom It Off’ to end his 42nd year, dropping his last single on the 31st of December. The Worldboss was looking for a gyal to ‘Boom It Off’. Kartel ended his 42nd year once again showing that he is the master of explicit dancehall.

Vybz Kartel’s 42nd year once again saw the Worldboss show the world that he is one of the greatest deejays, if not the greatest deejay to ever grace the dancehall scene. He has managed to maintain his position at the top of dancehall despite being imprisoned, despite so much controversy and adversity he has had to overcome, he was even still the number one streamed dancehall artiste in 2018. Hopefully his 42nd year will be the final year that he will have to spend imprisoned. FREE UP WORLD BOSS

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