Aidonia- ‘Dom Perignon’

It’s time to celebrate the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 with Aidonia and pour out some ‘Dom Perignon’ will it be “one bottle, two bottle, three bottle, four”.

Aidonia has come back with a bang towards the end of 2018 after letting fellow 4th Genna member Govana control most of 2018, with Aidonia explaining the logic behind this decision in his recent interview with legendary radio personality Robbo Ranx.

Aidonia has definitely come back hard, with the release of the anthem ‘Big Baller’ which is one of the hottest dancehall tracks right now and the announcement of his upcoming mixtape ‘Dats A Trap’ which is expected to be released shortly. Today saw the release of not one but two Aidonia singles as he released ‘Dom Perignon’ alongside ‘Caught Up’.

‘Dom Perignon’ sees Aidonia continuing to show of his status as the ‘Big Baller’ calling out those that think they are rich getting “hyped over Moet”, with Aidonia only getting hyped over the finer things as he calls in the bottles on bottles of ‘Dom Perignon’. Aidonia is aiming for the top and is taking nothing less, his life is “sweeter than Strawberry tart” and he wants to celebrate his success and watch the waitresses bringing over his expensive bottles with the sparklers.

Aidonia continues to celebrate his reputation as the ‘Big Baller’ in dancehall in ‘Dom Perignon’, check it out below.

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