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Album Review- A.M.E.N- Nesbeth

Today saw the releases of Nesbeth’s debut album ‘A.M.E.N’ and it certainly did not disappoint.

With features from some of the biggest names in Reggae and Dancehall, with Junior Reid, Agent Sasco and Popcaan, it was clear this was going to be a great album.

That combined with the fact that the incredible singles ‘Success Story’ and ‘My Dream’ are also featured on the album, we already had the feeling that this was going to be an incredible album.

It certainly did not disappoint.

‘A.M.E.N’ opens with the incredible ‘Think Rich’, which like many of Nesbeth’s songs focuses on the route to success and aiming high in life. From this opening track Nesbeth continues to drop incredible song after incredible song. Whether that be ‘Trial’ the standout track featuring Popcaan, which it’s focus on the trials of life in the ghetto, the incredible ‘Trench Town’ featuring Agent Sasco, which focuses on the problems that are rife in Jamaica, especially in Nesbeth’s community of Trench Town, or the emotional title track ‘A.m.e.n’. Nesbeth has packed this album with amazing, inspirational, meaningful and relatable music. Nesbeth even displays some incredible lyricism and toasting ability on ‘Emotional Roller Coaster’. Nesbeth’s full skill set is on full display on this album.

This could quite possibly be one of the greatest reggae albums in recent years. Combining a variety of influences, whether that be with his more strongly roots tracks like ‘Think Rich’, dancehall focused tracks with ‘Trial’, his deeply emotional tracks like ‘Smile’. There is truly something for everyone on this album. This is an amazing debut album for Nesbeth and I’m sure this will prove to be a very successful first effort from the artist.

Check out Nesbeth’s album ‘A.M.E.N’ below.

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