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Album Review- Christopher Martin- ‘And Then’

Friday saw the release of Christopher Martin’s second studio album ‘And Then’ . The follow up to his hit laden debut album ‘Big Deal’ which was released in 2017. Which itself came almost 12 years after he had exploded onto the Reggae and Dancehall scene winning the Digicel Rising Stars competition.

‘And Then’ features 15 tracks, with 5 previously released tracks and 10 brand new tracks. The previously released tracks range from the Chimney Records produced ‘Can’t Dweet Again’ to the lead single of the album ‘Life’ , which featured heavily in the album’s promotion, to the standout track ‘Bun Fi Bun’ which was previously released on the Maximum Sounds produced ‘Twilight’ Riddim.

Having these singles featured on the album really helps to give the album a more familiar feel with the majority of these tracks coming early in the album, serving a good introduction to what is to come.

One of the clear standout tracks of the album is Martin’s cover of the 1990s classic rock ballad Mr Big’s ‘To Be With You’ with Martin giving the track a totally new lease of life, changing up the lyrics and using his silky vocals to give the track a totally new feel.

Christopher Martin was clearly not afraid to experiment with various elements of reggae on this album with a range of varying elements from the jumpy instrumental on ‘Don’t Tell’ to the almost Michael Jackson esque vocals he experiments with on ‘Tears In Her Eyes’. Martin is definitely pushing the boundaries of reggae with this album using his flawless vocals to bring the elements together.

But that does not mean that you shouldn’t expect traditional Reggae fare from Christopher Martin on ‘And Then’ with ‘Happy You’re Mine’, ‘I’m Tired’ and ‘ I Do It All’ not massively deviating from what we would expect from the genre. As always with Christopher Martin expect tracks with a pop feel with strong melodies.

‘And Then’ definitely does not disappoint, it has everything you would normally expect from Christopher Martin. His strong vocals, his forward thinking approach to the reggae genre and of course lets not forget his romantic ballads. Christopher Martin has much like his first album come with an album full of standout tracks from his previously released hits to his covers of 90s classic rock, to his forward thinking tracks that push the boundaries of reggae. Christopher Martin doesn’t seem to miss the mark with a single track on this album, providing a body of work with serious replayability, something which is increasing difficult to achieve in 2019.

Check Out Christopher Martin’s ‘And Then’ Below.

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