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Album Review- Tommy Lee Sparta- ‘Reincarnation’

This Monday saw Tommy Lee Sparta come with a surprise album release on his new imprint Boss Lady Musik with 12 new tracks featured on the album with a play time of 32 minutes, so this is quite a short project from Tommy Lee Sparta with an Intro, Interlude and Outro also being amongst the 12 tracks. Of the 9 full length tracks on the album, none of the tracks have been previously released.

When first listening to the album, versatility was clearly a main focus coming into this project from Tommy Lee with tracks like ‘Top Shotta’ showcasing the music we are used to hearing from Tommy Lee, with that traditional gothic side we have come accustomed to hearing from Tommy Lee.

However, the majority of the album channels a variety of themes we are not particularly used to hearing from Tommy Lee from the Major Lazer-esque riddim on ‘She Don’t Care’ to the emotional acoustic ballad ‘Redemption Song’. Tommy Lee has been able to demonstrate his versatility very well on this album with his lyricism also on full display on tracks like ‘Be Free’ and ‘Gone’ as he focuses on the struggles that he has been through throughout his life.

The struggles that Tommy Lee has faced is a big theme in this album, with a number of tracks tackling the difficulties he has faced with the album title even looking to show that Tommy Lee hopes that this album will begin a new chapter in his career. With Tommy Lee even reflecting on his ‘demons’ on the opening track ‘Monster’.

This album almost plays out as Tommy Lee’s internal battle with some of the difficulties he has been through in his career. With the Intro, Interlude and Outro all playing into this theme as Tommy Lee seems to be reflecting on his battles with his demons throughout his career. Tommy Lee seems to reflect on his path so far on the final track ‘Kingdom Come’ as he takes aim at all those that have stood in his way and judged him during his battles.

Tommy Lee’s album ‘Reincarnation’ seems to be a powerful statement as he seems to deliver a message to all his naysayers and all the people that have come out to criticise him throughout his legal struggles. Tommy Lee is moving on and starting a new chapter. This is a powerful ‘Reincarnation’ statement Tommy Lee is looking as powerful as ever on this album and as ready as ever to prove why he deserves to be at the pinnacle of dancehall.

Check out the full album below

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