Alkaline- ‘Heartless Killaz’

Diss Alkaline and you will have to face him and his ‘Heartless Killaz’, which by the sounds of this track, will not be a fun experience. 

Alkaline clearly isn’t here to take deal with the haters for the rest of the year, coming with the heat on this intimidating track, which displays both Alkaline’s lyrical skill, but also a nice flow throughout. With perhaps the best line being “flat line pon di machine wah gi him air, that dem press something pon him chest and dem ah bawl out “clear” referring to the use of defibrillators.

Alkaline clearly means business for the rest of 2018 and is yet another artist that looks to be aiming to take over the last two months of 2018, dropping two singles today alone. Will Alkaline be the artist to beat in the end period of 2018 after a relatively quiet year so far?

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