Alkaline- ‘Juggernaut’- Video

Alkaline drops the long awaited video for possibly his biggest song of the year ‘Juggernaut’.

The video for ‘Juggernaut’ sees Alkaline flexing on everyone that “turned me into somebody mi love” all the people that caused all “the pain, the fight, the hate and lies”.

Alkaline drives through Miami looking suave in Rolls Royce like its no big deal, before pulling up to a strip club. Inside the strip club we are introduced to two of Alkaline’s adversaries. The Vendetta boss quickly enters laying a gun down on the table, which has his opponent shook, before picking up the weapon placing it onto the man’s forehead and pressing the trigger.

Alkaline is not taking any chat from his enemies on this track, he means business and isn’t going to let anyone stand in his way to get to the top. He is not a man to be played with and will quickly deal with you if you have a problem.

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