Alkaline x Black Shadow- ‘Black Heart’

Alkaline reflects on how people around him have made him feel on ‘Black Heart’, his circumstances has made him unable to trust or love anybody, Alkaline only blames himself for his feelings as he reflects on some of the reckless decisions he has made previously.

Alkaline’s final single for 2018 ‘Black Heart’ arrived on the 27th of December and has since gone on to amass over 400,000 views on YouTube, which being an Alkaline track isn’t surprising. Alkaline has had a relatively quiet 2018, releasing fair fewer single than some of his more prolific competitors. Although, his performance in 2018 may have lacked volume Alkaline definitely made up for that in the quality of the releases he put out with standout singles ‘Juggernaut’, ‘Richer and Richer’, ‘Dutty Badmind’ and ‘Perfect’ continuing to show that Alkaline is one of the top talents in dancehall.

‘Black Heart’ is yet another high quality release from Alkaline, as he continues to deal with deep issues, something that has stood out in his previous releases. ‘Black Heart’ sees Alkaline reflecting on how his attitude towards his relationships with women has changed throughout his career, as he looks at some of the situations he has been put in or put himself in and sees how they have effected his outlook on these relationships. Alkaline now looks to chase the money first before anything else and only allow people into his circle under his own terms.

Listen to Alkaline reflect on how he developed his ‘Black Heart’ below.

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